What if Adolf Hitler could not have been born?

Have you ever wondered how the world would have been today if Adolf Hitler couldn’t have been born?. Hitler was a German ruler when second world war started and the leader of Nazi his political party. He his known to be responsible for starting world war II, a dictator and one of the world worst racists. But how would this world really look right now if he wasn’t born?

During his regime as a leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler through his troops invaded Poland which resulted to France declaring war on Germany which eventually led to World war II when other countries joined the war. This had a great impact on the world we are living in today It brought so many disadvantages and advantages.

Some of the disadvantages that resulted from world war II were death of so many people and massive destruction of properties. It’s approximated that about 75 million people lost their lives. But what if Adolf Hitler was never born, would such a number of people have lost their lives? Though we may never know what would have happened, we can literally assume that such a number of people could have not died as a result of the war because it could have not happened. Therefore, we can argue that Hitler’s birth resulted in deaths of millions of people during world war II. Though Adolf Hitler starting world war II had disavntages, it also brought with a lot of advantages.

According to my point of view and beliefs Adolf Hitler had an incredible impact on the advancement of the world. It may look contradictory to what happened during world war II because a lot of properties were destructed but it brought positive impact psychologically to people. It led to achievement in terms of technological advancements. People were to think of possible solutions on how to fight. This made people to create aircrafts which could fly and make attacks. This technological advancement would have taken many years to achieve. Therefore existence of Adolf Hitler had advantages on the world though I still insist that we may not know what would have happened if he was not born.

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